What is a First Friday?

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Group of friends having fun at summer music festival

It is maybe the first time you’d attend a first Friday celebration and possibly wondering what it is and why it is held. A popular term used for different public events that transpire on the 1st Friday each month of the year is First Friday. This is commonly done in the United States and used for different purposes. Parties and all sorts of gatherings are publicly held for entertainment. Art gallery openings promote arts, artists, and studios.

These events became more popular not only because of American cities’ promotion but also with the social media assistance that helped in spreading and influencing it. Snapchat with location services provides an excellent promotion platform as long as you avoid running into Snapchat nudes. First Friday is generally recognized as an opportunity for social networks and the sharing of ideas in different aspects (profession, politics, education, and more). 

Crowd of people at festival

Common elements that cities include during the first Friday events are as follows: live music, extended business hours, craft vehicles, activities for children, art exhibits, and food trucks. These help people to engage with other people while enjoying cultural experiences.

In most cities, African American networking and business opportunities are emphasized. According to First Fridays United, it became a top networking event for them that consistently attracts more than sixteen thousand people every month. 

Looking back on its history, this monthly event originated in 1987 for African Americans to interact and network with each other. It became a way for professionals to gather in a social atmosphere at the same time exchanging and sharing relevant ideas and information. 

This concept spread across America and has been adopted by 39 cities. To have more organized first Friday events, in 2002, operators of these events created First Fridays United that facilitates the present first Friday chapters in more than 30 cities to make them as one. This organization also helps in information dissemination, look for resources, and solicit sponsors and advertisers. With its growing influence, first Fridays reach more than four hundred thousand urban professionals through different platforms.

How to Host an Event

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or an artist that seeks an opportunity to promote your products and services, you can create your own! First Fridays are popular not only with its groove but also in supporting local artists and businesses.

Hosting an event during this monthly event enables you to offer something special. Other cities exhibit artworks from local artists; some throw a party to celebrate their community. You can decide on what kind of event you want to host and make it publicize. Through various platforms such as social media, you can advertise your event in advance to attract more people and create anticipation. 

With this monthly event being a growing trend in different cities, it is a great chance for whatever purposes you have- be it for your business, arts, or culture. Just be reminded to create a buzz once you plan for your event. 

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