Popular First Fridays in the USA

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First Fridays of every month start with a bang in different cities in the USA. Free events are held in several locations, offerings something spectacular. With all these options, one can’t help but to get confused about where to celebrate first Friday. Fortunately, this article consists of a list of popular First Fridays in the USA where you can choose to spend your time and enjoy.

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  • New York City

If you want an art experience, you can visit the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Radical arts and architecture are exhibited in this museum. As you stroll through the building, you can relax and spend a day of solace. It showcases a diversity of works perfect for art fanatics. This city is not only about art experiences, but it is also a great place for social networks. You can begin your day with excitement while First Friday nights are made more fun with many people from other cities visit to join in several events. New York offers the best nightlife with restaurants, bars, clubs, and roving performances.

  • Ohio

There are numerous art galleries featured in Ohio. This place offers not only art exhibits, but there’s also a variety of entertainment selections such as street performances and gatherings with live music. If you want to buy gifts and souvenirs, there are also dining and shopping specials with fabulous items. Aside from that, there are many locations you can visit every month where something new and surprising is prepared. You can go to restaurants, bars, theaters, and other establishments that have participated in this monthly event.

  • Arizona

One of the famous museums perfect for First Fridays in Arizona is the Phoenix Art Museum. During first Fridays, this museum exhibits something different and special art collectives as well as activities. Most people find it a great place to spend this monthly event because of its ambiance and world-class featured artworks. Art galleries such as Roosevelt Row District, First Studio, and MADE Art Boutique are nice choices to celebrate your day and walk out with something unexpected.

In Phoenix, museums and art galleries have been dominant, so if you are an art enthusiast or an artist who wants to meet other local artists, you know where to go. Many people visit this city, especially on First Fridays, because there’s always something new to see and experience.

  • Florida

A sunny First Friday? Why not? If you want to enjoy a bright day in a nice place, you can find St. Petersburg in Florida. This Sunshine City has a lot of things to offer, from beaches to local shops that would surely make your First Friday remarkable. Different events are held where you can engage with other people, worthy performances to watch, and dozens of locations to visit. Here, fun is dynamic. There’s always something new every month that would make you embrace this city more.

  • Oakland

This city provides excellent art and community experience on every first Friday of every month. There are so many artist collectives, and art galleries you can visit, local culinary artisans to meet, performers, musicians, artists, and dancers gathered for a one-day celebration.

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